Relazioni internazionali: Nuova Guinea


Madam President Vania Di Febo,
It is with great pleasure that I have received your invitation to form a relationship between our two nations. It should be noted that New Guinea does not normally enter into such relations with so-called "micronations" due to the fact that so many of them are not serious, and also due to the fact that so many of them are not the projects of a mature people. The Free Republic of Alcatraz stands out as an exception to this rule. Our First Citizen, Lord Archangel is an artist and poet, as well as a tribal healer, and I am sure he will appreciate an opportunity to know your people better, as will I. I have forwarded a copy of this transaction to him because I am certain that he will be interested in contacting you personally himself.
As for diplomatic relations between our nations, I will need to know who the main contact persona are, and what sorts of protocols you expect. We should also prepare some sort of cultural exchange. I suspect that our citizens have much in common. I believe that our nations can enjoy many years of beneficial and enjoyable relations.
Be well,
Caesar Coligniero
Ministerial Adjunct,
Office of Global Affairs,
New Guinea


Che bello la Nuova Guinea... con tutti i suoi popoli dai variopinti colori... per caso avete un'isola da dedicarci?... potremmo chiamarla "New Alcatraz"... e poi il prossimo anno "nuovissima Alcatraz"... e poi "Alcatraz 3.1"...


insomma benvenuti "nuovi guineiani"