new guinea

Relazioni internazionali: Nuova Guinea


Madam President Vania Di Febo,
It is with great pleasure that I have received your invitation to form a relationship between our two nations. It should be noted that New Guinea does not normally enter into such relations with so-called "micronations" due to the fact that so many of them are not serious, and also due to the fact that so many of them are not the projects of a mature people. The Free Republic of Alcatraz stands out as an exception to this rule. Our First Citizen, Lord Archangel is an artist and poet, as well as a tribal healer, and I am sure he will appreciate an opportunity to know your people better, as will I. I have forwarded a copy of this transaction to him because I am certain that he will be interested in contacting you personally himself.
As for diplomatic relations between our nations, I will need to know who the main contact persona are, and what sorts of protocols you expect. We should also prepare some sort of cultural exchange. I suspect that our citizens have much in common. I believe that our nations can enjoy many years of beneficial and enjoyable relations.
Be well,
Caesar Coligniero
Ministerial Adjunct,
Office of Global Affairs,
New Guinea